Assyrian Network: to stop ISIS’s crimes and to establish a Christian Region

The  Assyrian Human Rights Network has sent in the past few hours urgent appeals to the parliaments and foreign ministries of a number of Arabic and western countries, especially to the permanent and temporary members of the United Nations Security Council and Human Rights Council, to request immediate action on two axes:

  1. Immediate cessation of all the crimes committed against the Christians in Iraq.
  2. The establishment of a new region for the Christians in Nineveh Plain.Hereby is the letter sebt by AHRN:

Ladies and Gentlemen in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Honorable members of the Parliament

The Assyrian Human Rights Network’s local observers in the City of Mosul have reported that Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) that is linked to al-Qaeda issued a statement calling the Christians of the city to accept one of the three following options: Leave the city, stay and pay a tribute, or convert to Islam. The observers have also reported that a large numbers of Christian families have actually started to flee towards nearby Christian towns  in Nineveh Plain and other close cities, leaving their homes and properties behind after having heard the speakers of the city’s Mosques on Friday (18th July) calling them to leave and determining Saturday afternoon ,the 19th of July 2014, a deadline for implementation, and threatening to slaughter who stays with a sword. The observers of AHRN have also interviewed a number of displaced Christian families and local eyewitnesses and documented how they had been robbed at checkpoints erected by ISIS at the entrances and exits of the City of Mosul in order to confiscate people’s possessions of gold, money, cars and personal belongings.

The  Assyrian Human Rights Network strongly condemns ISIS’s criminal and terrorist acts against the Christians in Iraq, and calls the central government in Baghdad and the government of Erbil (KRG) to bear their legal responsibility and protect their citizens. We also call the political and religious leaders of Iraq and all the Tribesmen to launch appeals to stop these actions that may damage the social fabric of the Iraqi people. 

The AHRN calls The United Nations Human Rights Council  to take immediate action via different mechanisms and detect the serious violations committed against an authentic ethnic, religious and linguistic minority in the Middle East, and to place the responsibility of protecting the citizens upon the Iraqi governments in Baghdad and Erbil. The Network also calls the international community to take responsibility and stop this Human tragedy and take immediate action on two parallel axes:

Firstly, the Security Council is called to take responsibility and maintain the international peace and security since targeting an authentic segment of the Iraqi people could destabilize Iraq and therefore destabilize the region and the whole world, which could lead to waves of mass migration, and result in uprooting the Christian presence from the Middle East. Therefore, the Security Council should find ways to immediately stop the armed and systematic assault on the indigenous people of Iraq i.e. The Syriac Chaldean Assyrian people.

Secondly, the Iraqis government and the international community are called today to listen to the demands of the civil and political groups, which represent the Syriac Chaldean Assyrian Christians, to establish a safe Christian region in Nineveh Plain which is predominantly Christian. As they also demand them to take action and stop the genocide committed against these people by different parties in order to uproot them from their historical land, on which they have been living for thousands of years, and to maintain the security of this region through the mechanisms of the United Nations, especially the Security Council through issuing international binding resolutions to conflict Parties in Iraq, which stop the war, restore stability and protect all the Iraqi citizens. They also demand to impose the application of the resolution under the principle of International Protection, or even under chapter VII of the United Nations charter if necessary.



Assyrian Human Rights Network

Stockholm – July 19, 2014.

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