Assyrian Network Holds Its First General Meeting

ahrn meeting

The Assyrian Human Rights Network held its first annual general meeting on Saturday 19th October 2013 in the Assyrian Cultural Centre in Södertälje near Stockholm.


Attended by AHRN members and NGOs observers, the meeting started at 13:30 by electing Samira Gergeo the Chairwoman of the Assyrian Women Union in Sweden as a chairperson of the meeting.


The interim board of the Assyrian Human Rights Network presented its activity report, and replied to questions from both members and observers.


No financial report was presented during the meeting as AHRN has not received any money during the interim board term, and all members worked as volunteers.


A group of representatives of Assyrian NGOs, Assyrian political parties, Assyrian activists and journalists participated in the meeting as observers representing: Assyrian Democratic Organization, Assyrian Democratic Movement, Assyrian Liberate Party

Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Popular Council, Bet Nahrin Democratic Party, Assyrian Women Union, Assyrian Aid Society and Assyrian LCCs Union.


The board also received support emails from the Assyrian Universal Alliance, Assyrian Federation in Sweden, Assyrian Youth Union in Sweden whose representatives were not able to participate.


The meeting elected a director and a new board for a two-year term. The new board members are: Osama Edward – Director, Ramen Gabriel – Second Director, Linda Baris Elia – Member, Ninib Abdelnour – Member, Nohadra Mousa – Member, Rody Toma – Member, Lina Malki – Member



Assyrian Human Rights Network  –  Media Office

Stockholm 20 October 2013


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