AHRN: Possible chemical attacks on Christian towns

 The Assyrian Human Rights Networkhas has learned through its monitors in Syria that the Syrian regime may intentionally use chemical weapons to target Christian town near Damascus in the next few days.

The Network’s monitors in Damascus have confirmed that information was leaked today that shelling Christian towns is within a framework of a plan that aims to shuffle the cards of the international community, which seemed serious about punishing the regime for the latest massacre using chemical weapons.  The regime also aims to shell Christian town to interfere with and disrupt the process of verifying the entity that was behind using the chemical weapons.

The leaked information, which have been narrowly circulated within the Syrian regime, confirmed that the towns expected to be the main targets of shelling by chemical weapons are: Jaramana, Jedaidet Artouz, Qatana, Sahnaya, Sednaya, and Ma’aloola, and the following Damascene neighborhoods: Qassa’a, Bab Tuma, and Bab Sharqi.  Additionally, the leaked information clarified that the rockets will be launched toward these targets from the following centers: brigade 155 in Qtaifah, and brigades 105 and 106, which belong to the Republican Guard in Qasyoon.

The AHRN warns the Syrian regime of the consequences of taking such reckless and dangerous steps.  The Network also calls upon the international community to intervene immediately using all available methods to protect civilians in Syria, and to prevent the Syrian regime from repeatedly using chemical weapons against its people, the use of which is clearly and strictly prohibited by international laws.

The Network also calls upon the international community and the UN Security Council to apply Chapter IIV of the Charter of the United Nations to impose a cessation of all hostilities among the parties to the conflict, and bringing all those responsible for the violations in Syria before the International Criminal Court, including first and foremost Bashar Assad, his aides, and his army and security commanders, to investigate them regarding the war crimes committed in Syria since March 2011, which have resulted in more than 100,000 victims.

Assyrian Human Rights Network

Stockholm   –   27 August 2013

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