Why here, why now? The struggle for Assyrian Rights

MideastYouth.com is excited to announce the launch of AssyrianRights.org. We are a cross-cultural group of activists, students, and professionals that are concerned for and supportive of Assyrian human rights in addition to the conservation of Assyrian culture, language and history. Due to the injustices faced by the Assyrian people in the last century, our aim is to mobilize public opinion, collect information and disseminate knowledge about the Assyrian nation with respect to human rights abuses and marginalization of Assyrians as an indigenous, ethnic people in the Middle East. We hope to build awareness and recognition of the stateless Assyrian nation, whose existence and voice is often unheard, if not silenced.

On August 7th, 1933 , an initial act of the newly independent state of Iraq was the massacre of Assyrians in the region of Simele by the Iraqi army under the command of General Bakr Sadki, a Kurdish general. The massacre resulted in the deaths of 3,000-6,000 Assyrians, many of whom were women and children. Assyrians worldwide commemorate August 7th as the day of their Martyrs. This day also honors and remembers those that perished in the 1914-1923 genocide in the hands of Ottoman Turkey, the victims of the genocidal Anfal campaign, and all others that have died due to cultural and religious persecution.

We chose August 7th as our launch date to join in commemorating and remembering the lives of these fallen Assyrian martyrs while also acknowledging and supporting the Assyrians of today in their struggle for cultural survival, genocide awareness, political representation, and human rights recognition as an indigenous, ethnic people of the Middle East.

Join the cause.

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