Guest post: On supporting Assyrian Rights

The Assyrians are notorious through out history books and the Bible for being a great empire which lasted approximately 1800 years. The Assyrians came to light in the land between two rivers (Mesopotamia) which is now modern day Iraq. The Assyrian Empire flourished during the ruling time frame of the 117 kings which included many world known kings such as Ashur Panipal and Esarhaddon.

Mathematics science and warfare advanced during the Assyrian ruling which stretched from northern Sudan and Egypt all the way to East Asia. The Assyrian army was the most advanced and strong army of the time.

The over stretch and weak economical times for the Assyrian state caused it to collapse on the hands of the Persians and medians with the help of the Babylonians in 612 B.C. Since then Assyrians have been lost without a real home or the right to exist in their ancestor’s home land (Iraq).

In 33 A.D Assyrians became the first nation to accept Christ and converted in masses to the new religion of peace and harmony. The change of religions from believing in God Ashur to Christianity caused a change of the Assyrian way of life. The warrior mentality started shifting powers to the spiritual side and the church started gaining grounds over the military leaders.

Since the early Islamic days of Prophet Muhammad Assyrians learned to live in peace with their counter parts the Muslim Arabs, However problems started rising with the political ambitions of certain states and powers such as Mongols, Ottomans and certain Arab leaders.

Massacres and persecutions started occurring left and right in the land between two rivers and also in the surroundings and many Assyrians were forced to convert to Islam and erase their Assyrian identity with a new Arabic one. Since early 1800s Assyrians were massacred in thousands by Ottomans and their local war lords who chased down Assyrian women and children and committed crimes which can not be mentioned.

In 1915 the Turks massacred over 750,000 Assyrians in what is known as ‘’Syfo’’ or the year of the sword. Assyrians were murdered along side their Armenian and Greek peers. Churches were burned, pregnant woman were carved open to murder their sons. Young virgins were raped on their holy books inside churches. One Assyrian General who was named General Petrus Elia fought back and saved what was left from the already declining population. Assyrians were separated and migrated into many different countries through out the world including western ones on the hopes of returning to their ancestral lands one day.

1933 General Bakr Sadki with the Iraqi army marches up north to punish the Assyrian village of Simili and murderers 3300 innocent Assyrian women, children. Iraq’s government went through major changes and the Bath party came to power, however, not much changed for the Assyrians. Their identity once again was in danger of being erased by an ambitious Arab nationalistic leader (Saddam Hussien) many activists were tortured and put in jails and the future did not look bright at all.

2003 President G.W. Bush declares war against Saddam and few weeks later Iraq was going through a change of blood and a move toward democracy. A year later Assyrians realized that this change does not necessarily mean the end of a dark era rather a start of a darker one. Sixty six Assyrian churches have been targeted by al-Qaida through out Iraq since the start of the invasion in 2003. Over 2000 Assyrians have been killed by terrorists and the population decreased from over a million to just about 200000. Most of the community fled to neighboring countries in the hopes of pursuing a safer future in the west.

In conclusion, the Assyrians are facing extinction and this could be their last stand as a nation, once lightened the world with the first civilization now Assyrians are laying wounded waiting for help to insure their survival. We must do everything in our power as individuals and also as governments and entities to insure their safety and existence in their homeland.

The clock is ticking and every minute goes by more Assyrians are leaving their lands or being killed by extremists.

Steven Isaac
President of the Organization for National Existence

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